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Auto Repairs in Reno, Nevada

Keeping You Moving

It’s just you and the open highway — until your car breaks down. The thrum of your vehicle on the road rattles to a halt and you’re stuck out in the Nevada desert. Keep your engine revving and your tires spinning with the quality maintenance and repair from American & Foreign Transmission Service.

Protect Your Automotive Investment

At American & Foreign Transmission Service, we are here to provide full vehicle services. We know cars inside and out, and use the latest technology to protect your automotive investment. We do everything from conducting simple maintenance to diagnosing problems and making lasting repairs.
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When your car was built, all the parts were meant to work together. The manufacturers do this to make for a smooth ride but it also means that if part of your car stops working, the whole thing won’t run. That’s why it’s important to get regular maintenance. To make sure everything stays in working order, visit us at American & Foreign Transmission Service.

ATRA Certified

Maintain efficiency and the ability to keep your car going with proper transmission care from our shop in Reno, Nevada. With certification from the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association, we are your local transmission experts. Whether you’re driving an automatic transmission or a manual transmission, we’re prepared to maintain, repair or rebuild it for you.

When you call American & Foreign Transmission Service or have your car towed to our location, you can breathe easy. We don’t just maintain vehicles; we maintain a standard of excellence with all our services and repairs. Get quality work at fair prices with all work guaranteed.

Take the road knowing your vehicle is in tip-top shape after service from our experienced technicians.

Customer Testimonial

“Steve has always been a very honest man, done quick, efficient, and professional work. We would recommend anyone to him and his crew. Transmissions are a difficult trade to deal with, we applaud him for always doing such a great job. Thanks!”
– Dustin B.