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Automatic Transmissions in Reno, Nevada

We are your Reno, Nevada automatic transmission experts. We keep your transmission supplying power to your engine by replacing the fluid, running diagnostics and making repairs as necessary. Avoid replacing your entire automatic transmission by coming into American & Foreign Transmission Service for regular service.

Understanding Your Transmission

When it comes to what makes your car go, there is no part more complicated than the transmission. It supplies the right amount of power to your vehicle to get it going the speed you want. Think of your car like a really fancy bike. You can start going as long as the chain is in place but you have to change the gears to really get going. Your car’s transmission works much the same way.

Automatic Transmission

The difference between an automatic and a manual transmission is that with an automatic, your car automatically shifts gears for you. It is specially crafted to shift up and down as you increase and decrease your speed.

General Transmission Service

Like an engine oil change or a tire rotation, a transmission service is part of your regular maintenance. During a service, we check the transmission and replace about half of the transmission fluid. We recommend a transmission service about after 24,000 miles or every two years, in agreement with advice from the ATRA. Schedule an appointment today.

Other Transmission Services

Transmission Flush
A transmission flush can be an easy fix if your transmission is malfunctioning. Clean transmission fluid is usually transparent and relatively odorless. If your fluid is incredibly dark and smells burnt, it may indicate transmission problems. In the flushing service, we replace nearly all of the fluid in your transmission instead of the half or third that would be replaced in a general transmission service.

Reseal Service

If your transmission is functioning fine in most aspects but develops a leak, we can reseal the transmission and stop the leak without having to go in and replace parts. In this service, we remove your transmission, disassemble it, replace all the external seals, then reassemble and reinstall the part. Schedule an appointment today.